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Our journey of discovery

CrowdControlHQ was developed by Crowd Technologies ltd. and was established in Birmingham UK in 2009.

We recognised the ever growing need for organisations, brands and business to monitor and manage their reputations in social media across multiple platforms. So we set to work to develop a piece of online software that would allow organisations to ‘plug in’ multiple accounts, whilst working collaboratively across multi-discipline teams.  At the time, there were still some non-believers who would say to us “social media will never take off.”

Thankfully, we persevered!

In 2011, the riots saw CrowdControlHQ thrust into the spotlight as the police worked hard to utilise social media to monitor and engage with communities located in the heart of rioting trouble spots.  For the first time, people in the UK were turning to social media rather than switching on the TV to get ‘live’ blow by blow accounts of the trouble that was unfolding. The public also took to social media in their thousands to show their support for those whose livelihoods were being threatened by the rioting and share information with the police.

In 2012,  the London Olympic and Paralympics came to London. Positioning itself as the ‘social games‘, the event generated significant debate, discussion and engagement on social media. CrowdcontrolHQ was used by official Olympic sponsors to manage large complex, multi-site campaigns and when TeamGB began to feel the pressure of public commentary they asked CrowdControlHQ to support their athletes by monitoring and listening to fan-based conversations and to stop any sponsor breaches.

By this point, the media had begun to carry an increasing number of stories about big brand social media blunders, issues around privacy and business risk.  The new spotlight on social media management gave us the opportunity we needed to drive the business ahead and get the issues firmly out on the boardroom table.

Following considerable financial investment, the CrowdControlHQ platform was enhanced to provide lots of new features to give our customers the ability to not only mange the delivery of social media campaigns but manage the risks and remain compliant.

We listened to our customers who told us that ‘faceless technology’ left them feeling high and dry in times of crisis, so we grew our customer service team to ensure that our technology had the support of real living breathing people in the form of our customer service team, co-located with our development team to ensure that problems could be addressed quickly.

Which leads us to today!

Our award winning system is now used by some of the biggest brands, innovative businesses and largest organisations across both the public and private sectors.  We are very proud to have been the only UK business to be listed in the Forrester Top 10 review into ‘social media risk and compliance’.

Our team continues to grow to service the UK market and we will work hard to maintain our position not only as the UK’s leading social media risk management & compliance platform but a serious challenger brand worldwide.

James Leavesley – CEO CrowdControlHQ