What the UK's leading dashboard can do for you

CrowdControlHQ is used widely across an organisation, supporting specialist business units; customers service teams; marketing comms functions, HR and legal departments.


Welcome to CrowdControlHQ

One dashboard managing all your social media needs

CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform built for enterprise.

The platform provides a single dashboard, accessed online and on the move. It allows marketing and customer service teams to effectively manage the delivery of social media and complex campaigns across multiple social media accounts. The CrowdControlHQ platform provides a complete audit trail along with advanced security features to protect and grow brand reputation and ensure that compliance regulations are consistently met.

Marketing departments, customer services, IT and internal communication teams receive an easy-to-use, feature-rich suite, that enables them to create alerts and insights, allowing for team collaboration on planning that will not only deliver award winning campaigns but ensure compliance is upheld during social engagement.


Passwords & Permissions

Opening up access, reducing risk

Keeping social media assets safe

Keeping your assets safe is key to social media security. Sharing passwords across teams, departments or with suppliers can lead to a number of problems, including rogue posting or even loss of control over your organisation’s social media accounts. Our tiered access and permission-based logins eliminate the need to share passwords and ensure that you maintain ownership over the organisation’s social media activity.

Permissions can be allocated for a variety of areas, campaigns and accounts from a list of access rights E.g. a ‘read only‘ access can be granted for outgoing posts where there is a need to lock down messaging or ‘master editor‘ in circumstances where a manager requires the ability to edit and make last minute tweaks and changes prior to publishing content. Our customer service help to get the project off the ground providing advice on how the system needs to be configured to support how the organisation wants to work.

Administrators have complete control over the system being able to manage the permissions and disable a user in just a few clicks.


  • Allocation of unique user login and password
  • Give/revoke access to users through the system (which acts as a firewall)
  • Vary access to different departments, campaigns or geographical areas
  • Immediately restrict access to all social media accounts in times of crisis
  • Deliver team alerts when a crisis occurs
  • Store your crisis plan securely within CrowdControlHQ with authorised access control
  • Initial configuration by our experts to ensure the best possible permission setup

Social Media Monitoring

The power of listening

Powerful listening tools

CrowdControlHQ gives organisations the ability to listen in and effectively manage social media conversations across an array of social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well as news sites and blogs. All monitoring can be accessed from one central dashboard, anytime of the day or night with alerts directed to team members.

Advanced monitoring and insight features helps you to understand the demographics of your online community, listen to what they are saying and then engage directly with them. Monitoring also allows you to uncover opportunities to engage as well as mentions of your organisation. These can be defined within a specific geography to localise the engagement.

Monitoring also supports the activity on organisation ‘owned’ social media assets. Flexible alert settings cater for a variety of situations and scenarios with immediate, hourly or daily updates on key word searches sent to an email address. Alert settings give peace of mind, ensuring that even over weekend and holiday periods accounts are being monitored, notifying the right person, at the right time when conversation heats up or crisis hits. The platform can also flag any part of the organisation’s social media assets that remains inactive for a period of time.


  • Buzz search feature can be set to listen in on brand mentions, products & services across a variety social media and news channels
  • Track conversations & identify opportunities
  • Geo-targetting functionality
  • Tag cloud provide a quick guide to key terms/ topics being used by your target audience
  • Identify the social channels most popular with your audience
  • Monitor internal social media activity across your pages and accounts
  • Flexible alerts allow for immediate, hourly, daily alerts
  • Notify different departments of conversations that are relevant to them
  • Set notifications for key words when the number of mentions exceeds a threshold
  • Option of additional training to master your monitoring skills


Social Media Engagement

Getting your customers talking

The power of conversation

Engagement is seen as the ‘holy grail’ of social media.  The more people that engage and share your content, the greater the brand loyalty and impact of your sales and marketing efforts online. CrowdControlHQ provide engagement features that allow users to view and respond to all social media activity in one place across a large number of accounts. It helps you identify who is having the biggest influence on your marketing efforts and the types of content that your audience respond to.


  • Forward schedule planned content to free up time for reactive interaction
  • Categorise content into groups or campaigns for better management
  • Compare engagement across your social media accounts at the click of a button
  • Personalise your reports and print off in real time
  • Find the influence of users and access the history of all your interactions with them
  • Advanced analytics help you measure the success of content and key trends in times, days and periods of engagement
  • Measure click through on links
  • Share best practice in engagement in the ‘wiki’ area
  • Tips and advice on how to drive engagement is included in our training package

Brand Protection

Managing your reputation

Your reputation in their hands

Today, your reputation sits in the hands of your customers, fans and followers who are posting, sharing and having conversations about your products and services across social media platforms as well as being influenced by those tasked to safeguard and represent the organisation online.

Maintaining consistency in outbound messaging from your organisation is critical to ensure that conflict and inaccuracy doesn’t arise whilst protecting your assets from profanity, competitors and spammers is a must for organisations today.

CrowdControlHQ was developed specifically with your reputation in mind and provides features to help you to protect your reputation online and support your employees in delivering a consistent brand message.


  • Add your social media policies to your wiki area
  • Buzz feature helps you listen to what is being said about your brand online
  • 24/7 moderation feature pulls posts containing key words and phrases with auto deletion or moderators options.
  • Remove abusive posts automatically using customisable swear dictionary
  • Audit trail of all registered user activity (includes posts, responses and direct messages)
  • Deletions stored for reference
  • Multiple account posting allows for unified message to multiple accounts
  • Pre-moderation tool allows for posts to be checked before going ‘live’ publicly

Analytics & Reporting

Intelligent decision making

Pinpointing your success

Increasingly, social media is being scrutinised and expected to deliver higher ROI than more traditional communication channels on account of it’s reach and accessibility.  Marketing teams are under pressure to demonstrate that their social media campaigns are hitting the mark as well as driving the organisation’s bottom line.

Social media allows for organisations to respond quickly when they have a window of opportunity, or in response to competition and having real time analytics is essential to ensure that the level, tone and response of audience is under constant review to allow for improvements and alternative approaches. Across geographical teams, analytics can also help to identify ‘star’ performing teams and ‘talent’ spot content ideas that are engaging effectively with audiences.

CrowdControlHQ has invested heavily in storage to allow our customers to report and compare historical data from prior months and even years.

For our blog on reporting click here


  • Access statistics for your campaign
  • Compare cross departmental activity
  • Identify trends using graphs and vary date ranges
  • Graphical and table views of Followers, Likes, Retweets, Actions
  • Content ‘Top 10′ show top performing content in engagement
  • Bespoke board reports allows you to customise your reports
  • Export data in a number of format options including CSV, Excel
  • Optimisation of reporting with help from our customer service experts


Team Collaboration

The one team approach

Getting the team to work effectively together

CrowdControlHQ facilitates a more joined up approach to social media campaigning. It allows cross team and cross departmental collaboration on content planning and origination as well as workflows to ensure that all social information can be shared and disseminated.

Workspaces can be allocated to project and departmental teams, with permissions changed at the click of a button.


  • Put your users in groups and workspaces to manage their activity more easily
  • Workflows allows you to forward content to the right person for response
  • Content can be checked to ensure it passes your social media policies and guidelines.
  • Warning messages if someone else is replying to the same content
  • Wiki sharing tool allows teams to share best practice
  • Team training is provided to support delivery

Security & Compliance

Not understanding the risks is no longer an excuse

Delivering compliance

Social media has become a powerful and widely used marketing tool.  The ever increasing number of security breaches linked to social media, highlight the need for IT and compliance teams to ensure that good IT governance and security processes are firmly in place.

CrowdControlHQ provides organisations with a social media control platform that is trusted by the country’s most risk-aware institutions, including financial organisations, local authorities and police forces. The strength of the platform lies in its security features and the system has been penetration tested by one of the most reputable compliance testing organisations in the UK.

CrowdControlHQ does not store social network passwords but uses the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for authenticating requests between different websites and domains, without having to store end-user passwords All our client data is stored in their geographical area, conforming to General Data Protection Regulations across territories.

The platform provides a detailed audit trail for all activity. This gives our clients the means of determining the identity of every employee who has communicated using the company’s social media accounts, including what they wrote and when they wrote it. Simply knowing that this audit trail is in place helps to discourage misuse.


  • Secure passwords
  • No need to access from the native platform (e.g.Facebook, Twitter)
  • Access all posts of your internal users with a full audit trail of their activities
  • Secure UK data storage
  • Compliance with data regulators
  • Authenticating requests for passwords
  • Penetration tested

Going Mobile

Managing social media risk on the move

Manage social media on the move

The social media environment never sleeps and in today’s mobile working environment it is even more important that an organisation can provide secure access to its users when they are on the move.

CrowdControlHQ is a web based technology that allows users to log in at their convenience. Monitoring updates can be emailed or text through to mobile devices and our native apps makes it even easier for users to log in from their smart phone. This means that even if someone is ‘live’ tweeting from an event, the organisation can manage the risk and ensure compliance is being maintained.


  • Web-based platform allows for online login, anyplace, anywhere
  • CrowdControlHQ’s native apps enables users to login on the move from mobile devices
  • Monitoring updates can be sent through to a variety of mobile and smart devices
  • Platform is designed to work with an array of browsers


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