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Brand Protection

With brand reputation so heavily shaped by what competitors, customers, fans and followers are posting and sharing, as well as being influenced by those tasked to represent the brand online, it is essential that nothing is left to chance when managing social media. A social media management platform ensures that an organisation can keep on top of what people are saying about them 24/7, as well as driving consistency of brand messages and customer service delivery.


ModerationOur 24/7 social media moderation functionality monitors specific keywords and phrases within inbound and outbound content across an organisation's social media accounts, automating key actions such as departmental forwarding and alarms. Tailored dictionaries are created during the on-boarding process to effectively identify keywords and any phrases requiring immediate deletion or further action. Dictionaries can be added to or altered at any time.


ValidationOur validation functionality helps to ensure outbound posts align with brand messaging and abide by industry regulations. A great tool for training up new employees whilst they adapt to the brand messaging or for use in highly regulated industries to create and action a 'two sets of eyes policy' style of delivery.

Social Media Crisis Management

Our crisis controls ensure that social media channels can be locked down in times of crisis. With the ability to instantly give and revoke access to the organisation’s social media assets, ensuring that can act quickly and even shut down certain users or accounts, or change their user access to take full control to act and respond immediately.