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Recognised as the UK’s leading social media risk management & compliance platform, we offer some of the most advanced compliance features available, including social media archiving and policy management to ensure your organisation meets the rigorous demands of industry regulation.

Audit Trail

Audit TrailCrowdControlHQ gives an organisation a complete overview of its social media delivery, including who posted what and when, not forgetting to who! The trail doesn't stop there - it also includes the names of anyone who validated or even edited the post on route to being made public. An ideal feature to maintain a complete overview of user activity and essential to identify training requirements and discourage misuse.

Policy Storage

Policy StorageOur secure policy storage area helps an organisation to stay on the right side of industry regulation. An unlimited number of files can be uploaded into the storage area, allowing for the sharing of social media policies across departments, in addition to sharing best practice guides and social media plans, available for all users to access and refer to during social media delivery.

Social Media Archiving

Social Media ArchivingWe help organisations to keep their social media activity compliant not only with internal governance policy but external industry regulators. With the need for accurate record keeping of all social media interactions, with on-shore data storage, our social media archiving functionality plays an important role in demonstrating that an organisation has taken the necessary care in ensuring due diligence when delivering social media, to meet even the highest industry standards. We provide a complete record of all social media interactions including deleted content and customer service interactions ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority.