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CrowdControlHQ provides organisations with a social media management platform that is trusted by the country’s most risk-aware institutions, including financial organisations, local authorities and police forces. The strength of the platform lies in its security features and the system has been penetration tested by one of the most reputable compliance testing organisations in the UK.

Tiered Access

The CrowdControlHQ platform is set up to mirror an organisation's structure, with over 26 different permission options and thorough onboarding to ensure security. Permissions can be allocated for a variety of areas, campaigns and accounts from a list of access rights E.g. a ‘read only‘ access can be granted for outgoing posts where there is a need to lock down messaging or ‘master editor‘ in circumstances where a manager requires the ability to edit and make last minute tweaks and changes prior to publishing content.

Password Security

Password SecuritySocial media has become a powerful and widely used marketing tool.  The ever increasing number of security breaches linked to social media, highlight the need for IT and compliance teams to ensure that good IT governance and security processes are firmly in place. By removing direct access to social media platforms, it removes the requirement to share login details, which protects your brands social media assets from malicious theft and hijack.

Penetration Tested

CrowdControlHQ has been rigorously penetration tested to ensure it complies with the highest standards of IT governance across public and private sector organisations, to reduce the risk of theft and brand damage caused from malicious posting.