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Social Media Analytics

Analytics and tailor-made reports provide exceptional insight into social media performance across the organisation, giving you all the metrics you need to drive success. We give you the ability to create dynamic reports, helping you identify and benchmark best practice including the performance of individual team members.

Social Media Performance

AnalyticsDrive your social media performance and improve your impact with our powerful social media analytics and reporting functionality. With quick and easy date filtering you can generate an overview of all your social media activity, including key measurements such as total reach, clicks, fans, followers and much more!  Just a quick glance at your dashboard will show you easy to digest infographics, giving you an instant overview of how each account is performing, with the ability to dig deep when it matters, into the detail.


ReportingView and export a variety of reports, including 1-click reports providing information on a variety of elements including top performing posts and impact of engaged users. Create tailored reports which can be generated each week, fortnight, or month providing you with regular updates to help you assess your social media performance.

Analyse Internal Performance

Internal PerformanceOur reporting tools, enable you to analyse internal team performance effectively. Measure and reward individuals who are excelling on social media with our key measurements, or highlight areas of team training to ultimately boost morale and ensure your social media is firing on all cylinders.

Sentiment Analysis

Internal PerformanceMonitor and measure sentiment across your social media accounts to gain insight into your audience and monitor brand perception across your social communities. Our sentiment functionality allows you to build in-depth customer behaviour profiles, which will help, develop and build on customer relationships.