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Social Media Collaboration

Enterprise social media success is dependent on the ability to harness effective collaboration across teams. Regardless of whether your organisation strives to deliver successful customer service on social media, or adopt a centrally managed, locally driven approach to marketing promotion, our effective social media collaboration toolset can help improve cross departmental communication, encourage effective escalation procedures and ultimately boost efficiency.

Team Forwarding

Forwarding Our forwarding features ensure that an organisation can quickly separate incoming messages and customer service enquiries, diverting, flagging or sharing them with key departmental leads or emergency response teams. Forwarding can be manually initiating or in 24/7 environments automated to ensure that even at weekends certain types of messages are flagged as an early warning to reduce the risk of out of office crisis taking hold.  

Structured Workflows

One of our favourite system benefits is the ability for teams to collaborate on brand building and campaign delivery. Perfect for multi-disciplined and/or multi-site teams who are working together on a campaign, this aspect will underpin everything from a launch of a new product at multiple sites to creating phases of brand messaging delivery.  It provides head offices with assurances that regional and local teams are keeping in line with national promotions and creating useful action lists to allow people to plan and contribute to campaign evaluation.    


NotificationsOur intelligent notification system delivers automated alerts to key team members in real-time. Ensuring each team member is updated on all social media activity happening within their area of responsibility. These can be tailored to the specific requirements, depending on the level of response needed from instant to hourly or daily.

Task Assignment

NotificationsAssign conversations to the most suitable individual or specific response teams within your organisation either manually or through automation, ensuring customers receive the best service possible. Administrators have the ability to oversee all assigned tasks across your organisation, so you can ensure all customer enquiries are being managed around the clock.

Attach notes

NotificationsEnhance communication amongst your social media delivery teams by attaching extra information to existing conversations or social media users. Whether you want to share a customer reference number or give colleagues information about a specific customer case, notes enable efficient collaboration amongst colleagues.