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Social Media Engagement

CrowdControlHQ provides a simple and secure online dashboard, that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. We give social media managers the power to plan, respond and listen to social conversations in a timely and resource efficient way. We stand out from the crowd when it comes to collaboration tools, helping teams to work together to produce fully integrated campaigns, shaping great content and promoting best practice, to help organisations to focus their time and effort where it matters most – on speaking to and engaging with prospects and customers.

Inbound feed

Inbound FeedsThe platform provides a range of features to ensure that an opportunity is never missed to engage with fans and followers, all managed from the central dashboard. Notifications ensure that new messages are flagged and actioned quickly. The conversation log within the dashboard ensures that responses are recorded for reference and support customer service continuity. In times of peak traffic, responses can even be forwarded for action by others, or access given to agency support to ease the workload.    

Key Influencers

Key Influencers Recognising and rewarding key influencers is central to many successful social media strategies. The CrowdControlHQ platform gives organisations the power to identify their key influencers at the click of a button.  By staying on top of those who are most engaged and creating the biggest impact, social media campaigns can harness the power of advocates to drive credibilty and maximise brand value.