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Social Media Listening

Social listening is a critical element of success when it comes to social media, helping to gain insight on customers and prospects, and identify topics of interest for engagement. By following conversations across social media, brands are able to identify sales opportunities, highlight competitor updates and quickly pinpoint customer service issues.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media MonitoringCrowdControlHQ helps organisations to monitor keywords, hashtags and conversations taking place across social media to pinpoint trends and key conversations, which is used to shape content plans and target key audiences to drive engagement.

Immediate Alerts

Tailored alerts send notifications direct to your inbox, immediately, hourly, or daily of all activity which can also be converted into buzz monitoring reports. A useful tool for monitoring or measuring brand mentions or for monitoring competitor activity throughout the day or summarise a recent campaign with effective hashtag tracking.


Geo-targetingListening activities can be taken up a gear with geo-targetting.  Throw the net across a region, a town or even a building and find out the shape of conversation locally and intercept those you would most like to speak to. So whether it is mum's talking about venues for Christmas parties or car owners discussing where to take their car for an MOT, you can get in on the act!