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Social Media Management

Our social media management dashboard can be accessed anytime online and on the move, giving organisations the power to manage all social media activity in one place. With a comprehensive set of tools to not only maximise engagement but ensure reputational risks are managed effectively.

Social Media Dashboard

Dashboard The dashboard is accessed online and provides complete visibility across all social media accounts. The multi-channel feed can show as many or as few accounts as needed, giving users the ability to respond immediately to enquiries regardless of where they are posted, in parallel with keeping a close eye on the success and impact of all outbound posts. There are lots of great features built in, such as automatic link shorteners and vanity checks to ensure that your content looks it very best when it goes live.

Real-time Insight

Real-time InsightReal-time insight delivers immediate impact metrics on content posted out. It allows users to quickly see the number of clicks, reach and social interactions paving the way for best practice and for identification of training needs.

Multiple Account Posting

Effective scheduling tools help to deliver content across an organisation's social media portfolio. This can be helpful to ensure that audiences are not swamped with content and receive content out of office hours or over weekend or holiday periods. The platform also makes it effortless to post content to multiple accounts to ensure that maximum impact is gained from multi-channel exposure.    

Social Media Campaign Management

Campaign Management CrowdControlHQ helps to measure all elements of an organisation's social media campaign to ensure that constant tweaks and changes can be made to message, content, time and location to keep improving the delivery, engagement and impact of social media to drive success.          

Prioritised Inbound View

Campaign Management Manage large quantities of inbound customer service enquiries on social media? Customer service teams will see inbound social media posts (including direct messages) in a single stream, enabling your organisation to respond quickly and efficiently. Specific content can also be routed to the right team to streamline the process and speed up responses.

Customer Service Resolution Management

Campaign Management Manage and resolve social customer service cases efficiently with our resolution management functionality. Automatic status updates ensure your customer service teams are notified and can provide immediate support when required.