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Some extras to take to the board

Here we document key thought leadership pieces and the facts & figures to help you to build the case for greater investment into social media risk management.

Case Studies

Learning from best practice

The Bannatyne Group’s localised social media strategy helped them grow an engaged community of over 200k Facebook fans

“Having the local social pages for each club and spa allows us to create real communities around them. The General Managers at each venue have access to the local social accounts and can post out and respond to people easily. The unique local content gets more engagement than the national campaigns.”

Laura Wilson, Web Content Manager at The Bannatyne Group

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North Lanarkshire Council expands social media use across multiple departments to improve engagement and customer service

“The success of the @nlcwinter Twitter account showed us the real advantages of social media engagement, and the next step was to start using social media across the entire organization. As more people were asking us questions on Twitter, we started to realise this was a job that had to go beyond the Comms team.”

Stephen Penmann, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing at North Lanarkshire Council

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Greenwood Academies Trust manage the risks of large-scale social media use to increase engagement with parents

“CrowdControlHQ takes away all the stress associated with managing multiple social media accounts, and the risks of losing accounts when staff members leave and take the login details with them. It also opens up the potential for many more staff members to safely get on-board and engage in social media.”

Nadine Hilliard, Media & Communications Manager at Greenwood Academies Trust 

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The Hyde Group enhance customer experience with effective use of social media

“We are looking to continuously improve the customer experience and make it as effortless as possible this means embracing digital media and encouraging a two-way dialogue with our residents – social media is the perfect platform to do this.”

Emma Morrison, Communications Business Partner – Digital and Social Media at The Hyde Group 

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RRG Group accelerate their social media success with a centrally managed, locally driven strategy

“We needed a system to manage all of our social media accounts across RRG Group dealerships and to monitor and view customer enquiries on social media from one single, central platform. We also wanted to be able to plan and schedule sales campaigns centrally, with dealerships then managing them on a local basis.”

Jade Kingston, Digital Marketing at RRG Group

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Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service utilise social media to distribute urgent information

“Social Media is a great way to communicate with the public. If we want to get something out urgently, or if there is a major incident like a traffic collision or road closure, we can send out an alert to subscribers by text message or email and post it on Twitter and Facebook. It is used for two-way communication and is so much easier than going to the website or people calling in by phone for updates. It speeds up communication.”

Caroline Jones, Digital and Media Services Manager at Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

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Wiltshire Police successfully manage social media to provide immediate response

“As we have a huge amount of activity on the Force’s social media accounts, CrowdControlHQ means that our department can maintain an overview and assess the risk, manage the problems and respond where necessary to ensure the public are getting a quality service from Wiltshire Police. It has made monitoring all of our social media accounts simpler and less time consuming.”

Helen Kennedy, Head of Media at Wiltshire Police

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Serco Leisure maximises social media marketing using CrowdControlHQ

“CrowdControlHQ beat the competition hands down. The company offered innovative technology wrapped up in one, easy to use package, add to this the superior security features and industry know-how and we had found a winning formula.”

Chris Puszczynski-Phelps, Digital Media Manager at Serco Leisure

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Gloucestershire County Council how the council used social media to learn more about their local community.

“We are gleaning a better understanding of who is engaged with us and who we might be able to use to help us share important information and messages more effectively among communities, as well as to potentially take part in focus groups and consultations in future. In the longer term, we expect it to help us gain a more accurate insight into our customers’ needs, which will help us to deliver improvements to the services we provide for customers.”

Emma Smith, Senior Communications Officer at Gloucestershire County Council

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Social media best practice

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media:

document-fanChapter #1: Social Customer Service Fundamentals

Why defining the ‘right relationship’ for your brand sits at the heart of your social media strategy.

Your customers expect excellent service on social media, but does your organisation have the correct processes in place to manage social customer service efficiently, whilst delivering a first class experience?

In this first chapter of an exciting series focusing on customer service on social media we explore the basics, to find out what it takes to fulfil your customers expectations.

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document-fanChapter #2: Delivering Returns From Social Customer Service

Six reasons customers spend more if they are satisfied with customer service delivery on social media

Harvard Business Review recently reported that companies who developed social care capabilities improved year-on-year revenue per contact by 6.7%. In the same report entitled ‘Your Company Should Be Helping Customers on Social’ they found that at the opposite end of the scale, those that didn’t embrace social care saw a 12.1% decline – a compelling argument for biting the bullet and committing wholeheartedly to investing in social media channels and social customer service.

In this second chapter of our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we explore the importance of getting your social customer service right, to avoid impacts on your organisation’s bottom line.

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document-fanChapter #3: Social Customer Service & The Risks

Overcoming the barriers to deliver enterprise social customer service

Any discussion on counting the cost of failure in customer service and the impact of social media is likely to start with a song! A very specific song, written by Dave Carroll (now legendary) called “United breaks guitars”.

The Country and Western singer single handedly wiped $180million off the value of United Airlines when he escalated his customer service complaint – a broken guitar, to YouTube in the form of an engaging and bespoke piece of content targeted at the jugular of the airline brand.

In this third chapter of our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we explore the 5 key threats which could impact your social customer service delivery and ultimately have a negative effect on customer satisfaction.

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Chapter #4: Social Customer Service Strategy

chapter fan How to develop and deliver a strategic roadmap for social customer care

Today, social media plays a critical role in the delivery of a coherent and successful customer service programme of activity. Jo Causon CEO of the Institute of Customer Service goes as far as stating “We have reached a point where social media is not just a necessary component of a credible customer service strategy but one which offers powerful insights that drive better innovation, co-creation and collaboration. To make this a reality social media needs to be a central part of a coherent, sustained and long-term focus on customer service strategy, something that many organisations are yet to do.”

In chapter 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we discuss how a roadmap can create a long-term focus to ensure your social media is a central and coherent part of your customer service delivery.

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Chapter #5 Managing Social Customer Care

The five critical steps every successful customer service director should consider before giving your customer service social media delivery the green light

You understand the social media landscape…ch5 document fan
You have assessed the nancial impact of your customer service approach…
You are aware of the risks of social media…
You have your strategic roadmap in place…
You are working hard to engrain social media into the DNA of your organisation….

…so now what?

It’s time to concentrate your efforts on making the plan a reality and managing the process to achieve your objectives to successfully deliver value for your business, organisation or brand. Managing social media requires diligence and attention to detail. It needs a exible approach to respond to the analytics and performance indicators that act as your compass for doing more of the same or changing your approach all together.

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Chapter #6 Moving Towards Enterprise Social

How to choose the right social media management tool for your organisation’s social customer care delivery

Social media is becoming one of the fastest growing channels for customer service delivery. Whilst the stats vary depending on which analyst’s report you read, they collectively show that contact centres are experiencing a growth in social media activity, ranging from 38-44% demonstrating the considerable evolution of social customer care.document fan.jpg

In chapter 6 of the Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we discuss the key considerations that need to be taken into account when selected a social media management tool for your organisation.

Within this guide you will find:

  • The evolution of how organisations have been delivering social media
  • Key considerations when adopting an enterprise social media management platform
  • Choosing the right fit for your organisation
  • The questions you need to be asking on pricing


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Talking social media

Catch up here on leading perspectives on social media.

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Robert Powell, Etrali Trading Solutions outlines the role of social media in the finance industry at Beyond Social 2013.
Our User of the Month for March is Victoria Grantham from Welsh Water. Find out how Victoria effectively utilises buzz monitor & our collaboration feature suite to help deliver exceptional customer service via social.
Check out our recent video as we named Reuben Millard from Devon & Cornwall Police our User of the Month for February! Discover the great work that Reuben and his colleagues completed in February!
With focus on social media best practice, our Marketing Manager Kate Allum presents five social media management best practice tips to enhance your social media delivery.


We believe we’re the best at what we do, but don’t just take our word for it

CrowdControlHQ winners of Risk Management Product of the Year in association with CIR MagazineRisk Management Product of the Year (Specialised) at the Risk Management Awards 2014 – Winner

CrowdControlHQ was awarded Risk Management Product of the Year (Specialised) 2014 at the prestigious Risk Management Awards held in association with CIR (Continuity and Insurance Risk Management) magazine, against stiff competition from seven other risk and insurance technology providers including Siemens Building Technologies, which was highly commended in the category. The award demonstrates the importance of including social media in corporate risk management processes and the need for a robust social media software management system (SMMS).

CrowdControlHQ shortlisted for Risk Management Solution of the Year - Institute of Risk ManagementRisk Management Solution of the Year at the Global Risk Awards 2015 – Finalist

CrowdControlHQ was shortlisted for ‘Risk Management Solution of the Year’ in the Institute of Risk Management’s (IRM) Global Risk Awards 2015. The prestigious award recognised the company’s success in developing innovative technology that supports the increasing need for home-grown social media risk management and compliance solutions.

CrowdControlHQ shortlisted Software Innovation of the Year at The Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2014 Software Innovation of the Year at The Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2014 – Finalist

We were thrilled to be shortlisted in The Digital Entrepreneur Awards dedicated to Internet entrepreneurialism and are hotly contested throughout the world of technology. With a prestigious judging panel including a number of thought leaders from the world of digital, it was excellent to receive recognition for our technical development, creating ground breaking software that provides our customers with social media engagement tools and a host of UK control and compliance features.

Management Team of the Year at the Midlands BVCA Management Team Awards – Finalist

CrowdControlHQ was named as a finalist for Midlands BVCA Venture Capital-backed Management Team of the Year. The award recognises the hard work from the team to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the social media environment, which has evolved dramatically over the past five years.

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