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Gloucestershire County Council

Engaging local communities

Gloucestershire County Council

The council recognised the risks that they faced in delivering a wide reaching community facing social media channel and questioned whether it was exploiting all of the opportunities that the social environment had to offer.

How CrowdControlHQ helped

The new software has given the council a clearer view of who their customers are across the whole council, the best ways to communicate with them and identified what their needs are.

“We are gleaning a better understanding of who is engaged with us and who we might be able to use to help us share important information and messages more effectively among communities, as well as to potentially take part in focus groups and consultations in future. In the longer term, we expect it to help us gain a more accurate insight into our customers’ needs, which will help us to deliver improvements to the services we provide for customers.”

Gloucestershire County Council is taking advantage of the security functions built into the platform, which has given senior management the added reassurance that it needed to further develop its social media channels. Password protection, moderation and monitoring functions make the social media environment safer and more secure to operate within. They also make the council aware of conversations about their services that they might not previously have been aware of, while the ‘dictionary’ function is also an important tool. It means that posts can be automatically deleted from the council’s Facebook pages that contain banned words that may cause offence to the public

“It’s given us a clearer view of who our customers areacross the whole council.”
Emma Smith, senior communications officer


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