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Social Media - Executive briefing for the Automotive Industry

Social Media – An executive briefing for the Automotive Industry

Automotive-Briefing_Front-cover (Web)The impact of radical growth in social media usage, compliance & procedure.


The UK saw a dramatic rise in the level of investment made into digital communication in 2015. In fact, of the £15.8bn invested into advertising as a whole, the UK is the first country to see digital spend including search, social media and analytics rise above 50% to £8bn, exceeding all other types of advertising combined, including big ticket items such as TV, Print and Radio.

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The UK Automotive industry has the fifth largest share of advertising spend at 8.4% with eMarketer reporting that of this spend, 60% is targeted at direct response versus 40% on more indirect brand building activity. With social media driving objectives across both, it is perhaps no surprise that the level of investment in this area alone rose by 51% in 2015.

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But what impact does the growth in social media have across automotive?

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