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6 good reasons to choose CrowdControlHQ

As the UK's leading social media risk management and compliance platform we have many benefits to offer.  Our technology shapes our business but we are also passionate about our delivery.

Built for enterprise

When size really does matter

Why built for enterprise counts

CrowdControlHQ has been developed to help large organisations and large multi-disciplined teams to manage large scale social media campaigns and customer service functions.  The platform helps to reduce the risk of reputation damage and ensures that the process of social media management remains compliant.

The platform has been rigourously tested by the very largest and most complex of organsiations to ensure that it is ‘road tested’ and able to to cope with the demands of today. This means that as an organisation grows its portfolio of social media that we can seamlessly grow with you.

With over 100 major UK enterprises using CrowdControlHQ, including UK Police Forces, Local Authorities, Automotive and Financial Service clients, where regulation and compliance is paramount, we have shaped the platform to cope with a multitude of uses and scenarios.

The growth of our business alongside multi-million pound investment in the platform, has enabled us to add many new management and security features, accessed from the comfort of a single dashboard, freeing up marketing and social media management teams to deliver the very best in social media campaigns, improving efficiency whilst delivering cost savings.



UK Based Support

We speak your language

Buying British delivers benefits

As the first UK business to appear in the Forrester Review of Top 10 social media risk and compliance platforms worldwide, we have worked hard to ensure that our product is tailored for organisations located across the UK. So why is buying British so important for UK organisations?

- Data Storage – UK data storage is critical to ensure that confidentiality falls under UK law and is protected accordingly.

- Understanding of the legal differences – The UK Defamation Act 2013 has strengthened the protection for channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which will encourage those who have been libelled to pursue those responsible for media posts or reposts. Having features in place that support the organisation to ensure that they stay on the right side of the UK law is critical.

- UK swearing – The nuances of abusive language can be an important difference between ensuring that content does not make it’s way onto your Facebook Pages that can cause reputational damage.  Our clients are reliant on very comprehensive swear dictionaries to protect their social media from both profanity and competitors. So the cultural differences are very important to consider.

- Saas-based support – In the world of “Software as a service” the service part is often forgotten. Customer service times can vary overseas and can generate a lag in response times, or worse no response at all, which can leave clients high and dry in times of crisis. We excel in customer service and just being in the same time zone really does matter when you need an urgent response.

- Local onsite training and enterprise deployment – Enterprise-wide social media deployment is a very new way of working. Many teams will be attempting this for the first time.  These first steps can be pretty daunting, which is why we are here to support you right from the start; Face to face discussion about configuration is then followed up with on-site training and on-going account management. We will be sharing the experiences of more than 100 enterprise social media rollouts.

- Customer service – There is the ongoing need for a customer service function to support teams on the front line.  Here at CrowdControlHQ our customer service team forms an integral part of the customer proposition.

As the UK’s leading social media management software provider, CrowdControlHQ provides a UK centric software solution which is the platform of choice for leading risk managers, legal and marketing directors.

Tailored Implementation

Driving Competitive advantage

Empowering your strategy

Social media deployment can take many guises, but with two over-arching principles;

  • Enabling and optimising social engagement across the organisation
  • Ensuring that all activity tasks place in a controlled and co-ordinated way

Internal teams can be tasked with achieving many objectives from customer acquisition to handling customer service enquiries.

With a vast array of tools available that include social media monitoring; moderation of inbound and outbound content, workflow management, reporting & analytics as well as areas to store best practice and policies; there is a danger that marketing team becomes distracted with irrelevant functionality or access a ‘watered down’ version of the critically important features, needed to deliver their objectives. Marketing teams should never allow a product to drive or worse – limit their strategy as they lose the customer centric approach that helps them to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

We take the time to understand your organisation, providing each client with a CrowdControlHQ platform, which is bespoke to your organisation based on how you want to work and what you want to achieve. We help you to get started and we are there to support you every step of the way.

“The support is excellent and the thing I really like about dealing with the CrowdControlHQ team is that we are having a two-way conversation. I have found that they are really open to feedback and there is lots of other functionality that we have requested that they have been willing to go away and implement and come back with the goods. It’s just really, really appreciated.

James Price, Lucozade Powerleague


All Inclusive

Transparent to the core

Our Price Promise to you

We promise transparency in our pricing and ensure that our upfront and monthly user licence fees includes ALL of our features, services and on-going support. There are no nasty surprises or hidden extras to pay to ensure that users of the system are able to be fully compliant across all areas of social media management, monitoring, risk and compliance.

Once set up and underway we remain in regular contact with out customers to ensure that they continue to stay ahead of the rules and regulations and get the most out of the platform day to day.

Being based in the UK, we deal in pound sterling and keep our overheads low to ensure that although we are delivering a top quality, high end platform that our monthly user fee is affordable and realistic for the budgets of our customers.



IT Security

Password protection has never been so important

Outside in and inside out

Our platform has been rigourously tested by one of the UK’s leading Penetration Testing and IT Security firms to ensure that we help our clients maintain the highest level of security to protect their employees’ passwords and their social media credentials alike.

CrowdControlHQ gives teams tiered access to both accounts and permissions to ensure that senior managers and marketing directors can have complete visibility and ownership across the entire social media landscape and can act quickly in a crisis whilst other users have what is needed to fulfill their role.

Social engagement across operation teams is optimised whilst whilst eliminating the need to share passwords, ensuring audit trails are in place and policies are being policed.


Protecting your reputation is at our core

Upholding the highest standards of delivery

CrowdControlHQ provides marketing, HR, risk and compliance managers with peace of mind ensuring that the day-to-day execution of social media is compliant every step of the way.  We can support you in the development of a social media policy that can be shared and referenced within our ‘wiki’ feature, which is also a great tool for sharing of best practice, learning and development.

We provide campaign features that enable teams to plan and moderate content before it leaves an organsiation and enters the public domain and a robust audit and tracking system to record who posted what, where and when!

When a problem arises CrowdControlHQ can demonstrate the impact on the brand and customer actions arising in response, to ensure that adjustments can be made to risk registers, reducing the likelihood of a breach of policy in the future.