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As the first UK business to appear in the Forrester Review of Top 10 social media risk and compliance platforms worldwide, we have worked hard to ensure that our product is tailored for organisations located across the UK. So why is buying British so important for UK organisations?

- Data Storage – UK data storage is critical to ensure that confidentiality falls under UK law and is protected accordingly.

- Understanding of the legal differences – The UK Defamation Act 2013 has strengthened the protection for channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which will encourage those who have been libelled to pursue those responsible for media posts or reposts. Having features in place that support the organisation to ensure that they stay on the right side of the UK law is critical.

- UK swearing – The nuances of abusive language can be an important difference between ensuring that content does not make it’s way onto your Facebook Pages that can cause reputational damage.  Our clients are reliant on very comprehensive swear dictionaries to protect their social media from both profanity and competitors. So the cultural differences are very important to consider.

- Saas-based support – In the world of “Software as a service” the service part is often forgotten. Customer service times can vary overseas and can generate a lag in response times, or worse no response at all, which can leave clients high and dry in times of crisis. We excel in customer service and just being in the same time zone really does matter when you need an urgent response.

- Local onsite training and enterprise deployment – Enterprise-wide social media deployment is a very new way of working. Many teams will be attempting this for the first time.  These first steps can be pretty daunting, which is why we are here to support you right from the start; Face to face discussion about configuration is then followed up with on-site training and on-going account management. We will be sharing the experiences of more than 100 enterprise social media rollouts.

- Customer service – There is the ongoing need for a customer service function to support teams on the front line.  Here at CrowdControlHQ our customer service team forms an integral part of the customer proposition.

As the UK’s leading social media management software provider, CrowdControlHQ provides a UK centric software solution which is the platform of choice for leading risk managers, legal and marketing directors.